Wheel Repair - What do I need to do?

Tyres need to be removed from the wheel before delivery to PROMAC for repair. Drop into your local tyre store or mechanic for removal first and then bring the wheel in!


It's worth asking if the tyre store/mechanic deal with PROMAC directly, as they can organise delivery and pick-up of the wheel for you.


Unfortunately tyres cannot be removed from wheels in the PROMAC shop, to save any inconvenience please remove tyres first.


Affiliated Tyre Stores/Mechanics for tyre removal

The following businesses deal direct with PROMAC Machine Shop and can organise wheel repair on your behalf! Please note that this list is constantly being updated, so it's worth asking your local store even if you don't see them listed below:




Can my wheels be couriered to you?

Yes definately, this is a great way to transport your wheels to PROMAC for repair! Especially if you don't live close by... let's face it, it's difficult to use your car to transport your wheels when the wheels and tyres have been removed.


PROMAC recommends the following transport companies:


Does PROMAC provide a warranty?

Of course! But claims must be made within 7 days and customers are liable for any freight charges. 


For wheel repairs, PROMAC recommends that all repaired wheels are water tested and mounted to the rear of the vehicle. Cracked wheels have a 30 day warranty from the date of repair, all returned wheels will be assessed for further damage prior to warranty authorisation. 


Please note that goods manufactured to customer drawings and/or specifications are non-refundable.


What's the average turn-around time?

Most wheel repairs are completed in 1-2 working days, depending on workload. For machining/fabrication/welds/CNC jobs please discuss timeframes with Ben when enquiring. 


If you have an urgent job, have a chat to Ben and see what he can do to help.


Machining/ Fabrication FAQ

We have a wide range of lathes with our largest having a 558mm swing and a 2m bed able to clamp 480mm in the chuck, we also have a milling machine and a large indexing drill.


All our machines are manually operated. One of the main things we do is cut external splines on axles, but we're happy to talk to you about any machining jobs you may have - being a small business we cater to the one of jobs rather than the larger multiple jobs that usually require CNC machines.


CNC Plasma FAQ

We can cut either from .dxf files, draw images on our program or scan in templates that you provide us with (up to A4 in size).


Our plasma can pierce 20mm mild steel and edge cut 25mm.


Welding FAQ

We can weld most materials including mild steel, stainless, alluminium, chromo and some cast steel/iron. 

Thank you for your valued support!