NEW! Projects In Development

Here at PROMAC, we are always trying to come up with something new that looks sweet and performs well for our customers! The following projects are currently in development.

Custom Diff Housings

Available in both chrome-olly and steel these diff housings are engineered tough and sleek - fitting off road vehicles to help you slide over those rocks without the sharp angles that hook you up whilst protecting that precious and costly diff! And a nice sleek statement piece to an on-road performance or show vehicle.


PROMAC diff housings are currently in a development and testing phase, getting ready to take a beating on the PROMAC rockcrawler! Watch this space for further developments.


Click on the pics to view them larger/ in greater detail!

Hummer high steer

Hummer high steer

PROMAC is currently developing our own beadlock design to make sure your tyres are always secured to your rim, even at the lowest pressure.

Once the 4WD version is developed, we're planning to explore applications for rally and race vehicles to ensure those tyres stay on when braking, accelerating and cornering hard.